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Writing vs. Editing – Which is easier?

Posted Dec 20 2013, 1:14 pm

I was super excitwhat-should-i-do-1988ed to learn yesterday that FAKE IT was well-received by my editor, and will be winging its way back to me for revisions shortly. Meanwhile, I have started gearing up to write Book 3 in the Rule Breakers series, WANT IT.

And that brings me to the question: what is harder? Writing new or revising?

At this point, as I worry about both, I would say writing new is more difficult. After all, I know what i need to do to the book–it’s just a matter of doing it. Writing new, however, is a stickier wicket, because WANT IT could go so many different ways right now, and I need to make some hard choices. So, what have I decided to start first?

Neither. Instead, I’m honing my writerly skills of running away and hiding from both projects, hoping like mad that fairies and elves will whisper suggestions in my ear.

Because, you know. I’m a grown-up that way.

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