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Writing Book Two

Posted Sep 1 2014, 9:36 am

I had a lot of fun thinking about all of the ways Book Two in the Rule Breakers series, FAKE IT was different than Book One, ROCK IT (especially since I’m now hard at work at Book Three… and Four!) and I’ve come up with my Top Ten Ways To Know You’re In Book Two! 

10. It’s a Cover War Smackdown!   

Since we’re building on a theme, Book Two’s cover should look quite similar to Book One’s—while still having its own flair. FAKE IT delivers! Similar typography, similar title structure, similar layout, and similar hawt guy pose. . . with just enough differentiation for readers to take sides: Do you prefer Dante’s Italian looks or Jake’s lean, hard body? The lights of the stage or the smoke from a screaming motorcycle? You get to choose! (And don’t even get me started on the next cover in the series . . . )

9. Familiar Spaces…

In Book Two, you have some familiar spaces to visit. With the Rule Breakers books, it’s the Boston brownstone where the four girls live. We were introduced to Erin’s beloved home in Book One, and we see it a bit more in Book Two. As for Book Three? Erin accidentally maybe tries to burn it down. But still. 

8. …with New Faces

While those familiar spaces help ground the story . . . ultimately there’s got to be someone new, right? And in Book Two we have a new love interest for one of the four housemates, Anna! Jake Flynn is a biker who is temporarily living down the street from the brownstone girls, and he definitely has his eye on Anna. He’d like to get his hands on her, too, but he’s waiting for her to make the first move. Keep waiting, Jake . . . Anna’s kind of clueless. 

7.  Things You Can Count On—

This was sort of a surprise to me, but I realized that I’d set some expectations with Book One that were important to continue in Book Two. Those expectations included the theme of a “wish-come-true” romance, and the idea that these books were on the “fun” side of romance (vs. the super intense side). It was absolutely no problem continuing those elements in FAKE IT! 

6. And Things You Can’t! 

The other fun realization was that I had some room to tweak what we knew about the characters. This comes up in a big way with Anna, who presents herself as being very capable in Book One. In Book Two, we learn that, on closer inspection, Anna has a few hang-ups of her own, not the least of which is rampant workaholism, an overzealous dedication to her workplace . . . and the crippling inability to see that the hottie next door has a major crush on her! 

5. A Different Kind of Heroine . . . 

In Book One, I had the fabulous job of exploring the relationship between a rocker and the girl who grew up being his total fan girl. Most Book Twos, I suspect, try to go in a very different direction with their heroine, and mine is no exception. While Lacey is a hard worker, Anna is a total spaz when it comes to work. While Lacey has some confidence in herself as a woman, Anna is insecure. And as to the guys . . . 

4. But a Key Similarity in the Hero! 

Okay, I made a solemn vow that all of the guys in the Rule Breakers books one have one thing in common, if nothing else: extreme sex appeal. I mean, come on: a Rocker, a Biker, a Soldier and a Playboy? These guys had to live up to the “wish come true” vibe of the series, and hopefully, they do! Jake in FAKE IT certainly tries his best—a free-spirited road-loving motorcycle hottie, he just might be the one to put the “rev” in Anna’s resume. 

3. A Sense of the Journey

FAKE IT picks up right where ROCK IT ends, mid summer. With that kind of timing, it’s clear that the final stories in the Rule Breakers series are going to happen pretty quickly. And it’s true! WANT IT, Erin’s story, begins in late summer. Will RISK IT, Dani’s story, be a winter’s tale? Only time will tell! 

2. A Hint of Things to Come

As Book Two in the series, FAKE IT also has the fun job of giving readers a sneak peak into the future of the Rule Breakers girls, with a few hints about Erin and Dani. Book Three is Erin’s book, so she’s in Book Two a bit more than she was in Book One. 

But the number one way you know you’re in Book Two?

1. The Book One Shout Out!  

If there’s a Book Two, there had to be a Book One, with a love story all its own. Any proper Book Two involves at least a brief mention of the characters from the first book in the series, with an update on where they are now. FAKE IT shares a quick dish about where the rocker Dante and the fangirl Lacey are today . . . and as the books progress, we’ll learn even more! 

Hooray for Book Twos! And here’s hoping your own love story is several volumes long. ☺


This blog was originally posted as part of the Fake It blog tour. Special thanks to Reading Between the Wines Book Club for hosting me!



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