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Why should you read Rock It?

Posted Apr 14 2014, 11:54 am

I had to laugh when I considered the topic of this blog post. How brash am I, to give people not one, not two, but FIVE reasons why they should read my debut romance, Rock It!

And then I thought about why I wanted to write the story in the first place, and realized that the same reasons why I wanted to write this wish-come-true story of a fangirl and her huge crush, might serve equally well as reasons to read it. Of course, all readers’ mileage may vary! But here is the list for your consideration.

Why I wrote (and why you might want to read!) Rock It

1. Because, hello: Rock Star Romance

Rock star romance hasn’t always been a “thing” in fiction, but it’s certainly been a staple of the teenage experience. Who among us hasn’t listened to our favorite singer over the radio/iPod/internet and wondered “what if he was singing that song for me? Or what if SOMEONE would write a song like that for me?” Rock stars come in many shapes and sizes, but the sheer magnetic power of a rocker is just impossible to ignore.

Who wouldn’t want to write (or read!) about that?


2. The allure of the twist

As many readers who have read Rock It have noticed, Dante Falcone isn’t your typical hard-drinking, hard-partying rock star. One reviewer totally pegged the real-life model for Dante: Justin Timberlake. I was looking for a star who really could have been a Disney kid (or an American Idol alum), a guy who maybe learned how to play guitar while rocking out with his buddies in his garage. A guy who grew up not to flame out with DUIs and unfortunate dance moves, but managed the transition successfully—and gracefully—to a continuing career. That’s the kind of boybander-to-adult-superstar I was looking to create, to put a slightly different spin on the rock star romance motif.


3. The thrill of it all

I wanted to set a book with the hero and heroine in their early twenties, because to me that’s when life really takes a turn. You’re out of college, on your own, making the kind of decisions that will impact you for years—sometimes decades. That’s pretty intense, and it’s also exciting. It’s a time before you get stuck in anything even remotely resembling a rut, and writing Rock It took me back to those heady days.


4. The chance to experience a non-skeevy Rock of Love Bus

I admit it: I was fascinated by the idea with a bus tour with a famous rock star—and took it one step further with the whole thing being put up on You Tube every night. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME writing about the tour in the early drafts of this book, before my editor suggested I dial it back. Still, going on tour with a rock star? And it’s someone you’ve already been in love with since you were in braces? C’mon. I wanted to feel just a bit what that was like. Without having to bleach out any hot tubs.


5. Because if you dream it, it just might come true.

Rock It is, at its core, a wish-come-true romance. That idea was very important to me, as I set out on this road to hopefully one day make my own wishes come true as a writer. But I think it also is very much part of being in love and being at the start of your adult life, which are two key elements of Rock It. This is not a story ripped from the headlines, dealing with the gritty realities of modern day life, a gut-wrenching, tear-soaked narrative. Those are AMAZING stories as well, but that’s not what I wanted Rock It to be about. Instead, I wanted to fall in love with the idea of falling in love, in all its giddy hopefulness—to craft a fun, beach read romance that reveled in the power of true romance. Whether or not I achieved all of that, is up to the reader to decide! But it was a heck of a ride while I was writing the story.

There you go! My top five reasons for writing (and hopefully the top five reasons for reading) Rock It. And here’s wishing that all your dreams come true, too.

This blog originally was posted as part of the Rock It blog tour. Special thanks to Cocktails and Books for hosting me!

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