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Playing the boyfriend of a royal wedding planner? Count Lucian Carillas figures it’ll be a snap. 

When his best friend’s little sister, the target of so many of their teenaged pranks, needs him to act the part of her true love to thwart some ridiculous family superstitions, Count Lucian Carillas is up for the challenge. Little does he realize that wedding planning is serious work in Garronia. Or that he’s stepping into a high society storm of scheming competitors, cutthroat royal gossips, and love-crazed noble matriarchs.

Worse, the unexpectedly attractive, all-grown-up Grace Floros suddenly has spine to spare, determined to defy even Lucian’s most logical suggestions, all to honor traditions he can barely understand.

The newest planner in the Floros Weddings empire, Grace won’t let anything stop her from pulling off a showstopper royal wedding, even if it means weaving a little white lie to cater to her family’s superstitions. So what if she’s never fallen in love with a man who loves her back? Lucian Carillas owes her, and her coldly calculating Prince Charming will never know Grace’s true feelings for him. Besides, he’s all about business, she’s all about romance, and nothing will ever change that.

Except when wedding bells ring in Garronia…