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The Rock It Playlist

Posted Apr 22 2014, 11:36 am

So, could there possibly be any more pressure than writing a playlist for a book about a rock star and the girl who’s been in love with him for a decade? I think not. Especially when that rock star started out playing in his garage, creating his own style from rock and pop inspirations.

And yet, the tale of Rock It could easily play out chronologically, up and down the charts. So buckle yourself in, remember what it’s like to have that first, impossible crush, and let’s go on a musical adventure!  

The Rock It Album

The players: DANTE FALCONE!

Way Cool Jr. – Ratt  (  (note, music only)

Dante is a rock star, at the top of his game. Though he wants to explore other types of music, he has reached fame and fortune with a fusion of rock and pop. He’s on top of the world.


The players: LACEY DAWES!

Miss Independent – Kelly Clarkson (

Lacey is a typical teen and young twenty-something… until it comes to Dante Falcone. Every other area of her life is marked by her hard-working, no-nonsense attitude. But with Dante, she reverts to her young-teen self when she first fell in love (and fell hard). 


That moment when…

#1 Crush – Garbage   (

There was just something about Dante that young teen Lacey can’t ignore. Drawn in by his boybander good looks, she feels like she hears something different in his music. Something that hints at the true Dante Falcone. The intensity of her feelings is too much to keep inside, so she pours out her fangirling into scrap books.


Dante goes platinum!

Turn Up the Radio – Autograph (

Lacey follows Dante through his entire career, keeping careful track of his success while realizing she also could have a career in music—as an entertainment agency representative, working with musicians and other celebrity talent.


That night at the concert…

Heartbreaker – Pat Benatar (

Lacey sees Dante the night before she’s to meet him in person for the very first time – as a junior entertainment exec. She vows to keep her cool…


…and the next night.

Have You Ever Needed Someone so Bad – Def Leppard (

And, well, she doesn’t do so well. But she is trying to keep it together! This is her job, people. She can’t afford to mess up her entire career because of a teenaged crush she can’t let go. She struggles to reconcile her fantasies with the real life fantasy of Dante, without ever letting him know.


Dante catches on…

Still of the Night – Whitesnake   (

Dante doesn’t know what to make of Lacey. First she is cool, calm and professional, then she seems all wide-eyed fangirl. But beneath it all, he senses that maybe she sees the real him—maybe even the guy he has started to forget. He decides to find out how far Lacey is willing to go…


…and Lacey doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s Make a Night to Remember – Bryan Adams (

Lacey gets drawn into Dante’s spell, and she realizes that she is losing her heart all over again, this time for a real person, not just a guy on the radio. She and Dante grow closer, even as she tells herself it can’t last.


Reality bites hard

Toxic – Britney Spears (

Unfortunately, Lacey’s boss Brenda has designs of her own on Dante. She decides that all she needs to do to undermine Lacey is to show Dante exactly how over-the-top Lacey’s fangirl crush was… and maybe still is. Her televised “reveal” instantly goes viral.


Lacey bounces back

Crazy on You – Heart (

Lacey, absolutely mortified, decides that she has to fight fire with fire. She creates the perfect publicity stunt to draw the attention of the world away from her. And it works. But maybe a little too well…


The fans want more! (and Dante does, too)

Do You Wanna Touch? – Joan Jett (

Now that he’s seen a different side of Lacey, Dante wants to see more of her. He’s not willing to let her escape back into her shell of professionalism. And why not, Lacey reasons… after all, she’s with a rock star. Why can’t she keep up the fantasy a little longer?


The end of the tour

Up All Night(Sleep all day) – Slaughter (

It’s been a whirlwind tour, and Lacey has loved every moment of it. She loves the lights and the music, the crowd and the energy of the tour. And she realizes she loves Dante, too. Not just as a fangirl, either. Not anymore. Too bad it all has to end…


…Or is it?

Thank You for Loving Me – Bon Jovi (

When Lacey decides to make one more appearance onstage, Dante’s ready. He tells her exactly how he feels about her. Lacey knows that it’s all for the cameras, but she now has a memory to last forever. She has her career, and now she has this memory, too. It’s enough, she tells herself. It’s enough.


A new song on the horizon?

All Fired Up- Pat Benatar (

Lacey and Dante meet one last time, only he isn’t ready to say goodbye. He makes Lacey an offer she can’t refuse… but what will Lacey say?

And there you have it! Sometimes if you dream it, it just might come true. 😉

Thank you so much for allowing me to share the music playlist for Rock It! And thank you to the musician and rock aficionado who helped me find the songs to make it all work.

This blog originally appeared as part of the Rock It blog tour. Special thanks to BookAngel Booktopia for hosting me!

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