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Inspiration for Writing NA

Posted Apr 1 2014, 11:57 am

When thinking about the topic of “my inspiration for writing NA” , I can’t help but consider what it would be like if one life (okay, say, mine) had been written like a new adult romance, instead of as it actually happened in real life.

Ready to take the adventure? Let’s go!



In real life, when I was 22 years old, I was a senior in college (on the five year plan), and I’d just gotten offered a job as a corporate wonk that conflicted with my original plan to go to grad school and become a professor of international affairs. Why was I taking the job? Because I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend, and the job offered me a PILE of cash.


Dude. So I go to the grad school and the guidance counselor there is a new hire straight out of grad school who is not only the hottest thing in dark denim, long hair and wrap-around shades, he’s buddies with the international affairs dean. I am IN.  Only, see, I’m already committed, and…



I took the job in corporate America, broke up with the boyfriend within two years, got into a different area of the company after nearly dying of sleep apnea in an inconvenient place (specifically, behind the wheel of a moving vehicle on an Interstate), and… yes, made a pile of cash.


I decide to defer my acceptance for six months, but I can’t forget that counselor—neither the way he made my heart pound, nor the way he made my brain light up. Who ever thought poli sci guys would be so hot?!? My job takes me to the city of my once-and-future-grad school, only all of those miles on the road take their toll (heh) on me. I get into an accident after falling asleep at the wheel. And who should find me but…



I ended up working in corporate for seven years, then went through a series of quick-hop jobs from corporate to start-ups to university work to freelance, before deciding to follow my dream of writing romance novels.



Rescued by the counselor, I abandon my boring corporate career and re-enter grad school, where I have fierce arguments about international politics with my favorite counselor followed by great make-up sessions over wine and chocolate. I become a professor whose secret obsession is… writing romance novels. Because, you know, sometimes the best parts of life are the best parts of fiction, too.

So when you think about it, new adult romance is really life, cubed—you get the trifecta of more intensity, more passion, and more dreams-come-true than life can sometimes manage on its own.

And that’s why I write New Adult romance. It gives me that glimpse into one of the most magical times in a person’s life—that early 20’s experience of having your entire life in front of you, with the power of making decisions that can truly change everything in a heartbeat. It lets me write the stories of wishes coming true—stories that maybe stray just outside the realm of possibility, but only JUST outside.

Because to borrow a line from my debut novel, Rock It…  if only you can dream it, it might just come true. 


This blog was originally posted as part of the Rock It blog tour. Special thanks to Books with Bite for hosting me!

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