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Five Things You’ll Never Find in Jake Flynn’s Bedroom

Posted Jul 15 2014, 9:21 am

This post originally appeared on my Fake It blog tour

Jake is kind of a minimalistic guy, since he’s generally on the go. He’s just as comfortable in a tent on the beach, as he is in a gorgeous hotel room with all the furnishings. But when it comes to his own bedroom, here are five things you will NEVER find: 

1. A Calendar or Day Planner

Jake doesn’t get too hung up on what day it is, or what “appointments” he should be scheduling in the future. He has been known to go off riding for weeks at a time, and when you do that, one day pretty much flows into the other. If he says he’ll show up with your new bike: he’ll show up. Eventually. Of course, with an attitude like that, he knows he’ll have his hands full with planner-obsessed workaholic Anna Richardson . . . then again, having his hands full of Anna is never a bad thing.


2. Running Shoes

Jake keeps in shape by working on bikes, riding hard, and living well – if he’s gotta burn some extra calories, he’s got better ways to do it than hitting the pavement. Besides, he’s a speed junkie. It’s far faster to ride somewhere than it is to run . . . and the scenery changes more quickly, too. So you can go ahead and send those running shoes back to the store: he won’t be needing them. Or better yet, Jake’ll be happy to give you a ride there.


3. Pajamas

Well . . . that one sort of goes without saying. Because you can’t really relax if you’re all buttoned up, right? Of course, now that Jake’s taking Anna away for the weekend, he maybe should invest in a pair . . . nahhhh.


4. A Self Help Book

So, he’ll be the first to admit it: Jake Flynn is a little rough around the edges. He doesn’t handle confrontation terribly well, and he sometimes lets his fists do the talking instead of his mouth. But his “take-life-by-the-handlebars” attitude is something that he comes by naturally, and he doesn’t see the point in changing who he is. Not even for his family, not for some boss somewhere, not even for Anna . . . though for her, he may bend a little.

5. A Magic 8 BallTM

Jake Flynn doesn’t have all the answers, and he can’t read the future. But that’s okay by him. He really doesn’t need to see what’s coming until it rounds the corner and is heading towards him. And he’s fast enough—and smart enough—to get out of the way if he needs to. He’s also been down the road enough times to know that some of life’s best experiences are the ones you just let happen. He gets a little frustrated with Anna, given her preference to know exactly what’s going on, every second of every day, but the future just isn’t something Jake has time to worry about. He’s too busy enjoying the here and now . . . and he’s bound and determined to teach Anna how to ease up a little on the throttle, too.


And there you have it! Five things you’ll never find in Jake’s bedroom. And this has officially become my favorite blog question EVER. J Thank you again for having me here today!


This blog was originally posted as part of the Fake It blog tour. Special thanks to Manga Maniac Cafe for hosting me!

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