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With the curse of the Saleri family all but vanquished, Countess Caroline Saleri returns to the picturesque idyll of Sea Haven Island, South Carolina. There she plans to lose herself for a few months in low country bliss–helping to prepare her family’s vacation home for sale, attending local lectures…and trying to forget the aggravating, enigmatic professor who’s mocked her family’s superstitions on a public stage.

Unfortunately, one detail remains to ensure the family curse is never invoked again. Caroline is tasked to recover a collection of supposedly charmed old jewelry from a local private museum–a simple afternoon adventure. Then she recognizes the museum’s proprietor, and her life turns upside down.

Determinedly misanthropic Professor Simon Blake has long since kept the world at arm’s length. The one chink in his armor? His beloved grandparents and their eccentric collection of friends. But when an angry attendee of one of his lectures turns out to be the woman his grandparents and their cronies have been talking about for more than eighty years–a real-life fairytale countess, intent on breaking an ancient curse–he doesn’t know whether to throw her out, welcome her in, or call the cops.

One thing’s for sure…he’s in no mood to be Charmed.