The Rock It Playlist

Posted at Apr 22, 2014 11:36 am

So, could there possibly be any more pressure than writing a playlist for a book about a rock star and the girl who’s been in love with him for a decade? I think not. Especially when that rock star started out playing in his garage, creating his own style from rock and pop inspirations.

And yet, the tale of Rock It could easily play out chronologically, up and down the charts. So buckle yourself in, remember what it’s like to have that first, impossible crush, and let’s go on a musical adventure!  

The Rock It Album

The players: DANTE FALCONE!

Way Cool Jr. – Ratt  (  (note, music only)

Dante is a rock star, at the top of his game. Though he wants to explore other types of music, he has reached fame and fortune with a fusion of rock and pop. He’s on top of the world.


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